Acts of Kindness: Individual and Institutional

As they say, an act of kindness can truly go a long way. If you are looking for inspiration and to learn more about how people are actively trying to make the world a better place by being more kind and positive, you can always browse through the web to learn more about how people across the world have made headlines…by making a difference!

A good example? A young teenager named Salvador Gomez Colon recently became very sad when he learned about the troublesome living conditions of people who have been hit by the natural disaster that affected Puerto Rico. For this reason, he decided to take action. Salvador decided to start a fundraising campaign on the web, and managed to raise a lot of money, enough to buy over 1400 solar-powered lamps for the people of Puerto Rico, who are still struggling to cope with power shortages.

It’s not only about people: governments and administrations can be kinder too! For example, the city of Los Angeles, in California (USA) recently announced that people will be able to donate some money to the homeless in the local community. This kind and uplifting gesture is one of the many things LA is doing trying to help people without a home or a job, and improve their quality of life.

These are only some of the many positive and uplifting gestures that people do every day across the world. Thankfully, positive thinking transcends religious beliefs, political credos, ethnicities and social status…everyone can be kinder, no matter who they are or where they come from! 

Image source: h080