A Guide to Loving Yourself (and Others)

Uncovering the secrets to a happy and fulfilled life, not only for you but the community around you.


Living a happy and fulfilled life can be very important, although some people forget just how essential it is. If you are a happy person, many other aspects of your life simply fall into place, including good health, relationships, and even career opportunities and more. Sadly, many people struggle to love themselves and to take their life to that happy place where it deserves to be. This guide will help you uncover the many benefits you will experience if you start loving yourself, as well as giving you some amazing tips that will help you make a difference for you and others!


The first rule of happiness: understanding that you deserve it!


There is an old saying that goes like this: “You can’t really learn how to love others if you don’t learn how to love yourself first.” In other words, love and happiness can start with you! If you subconsciously don’t think that you are worthy of love and happiness, you might struggle to achieve these feelings. It is important to change your mindset, and become aware that you do deserve to be happy.

Source:  Flickr

Source: Flickr

There are many reasons why some people struggle to accept that they have the right to feel happy. Perhaps, they have committed some mistakes in the past, caused harm to others or done something that they are not proud of. At other times, they might feel trapped in a routine that makes them feel sad and unfulfilled, such as a dead-ended job or a poisonous relationship.


Regardless of the case, there is always a way out, even if it might not look that way from your perspective.


Mistakes are not a failure: they are an opportunity.


In the first case, always remember this: if you have made some mistakes or did things you aren’t proud of, awareness is the first step to right the wrongs. The fact that you understand what you did wrong and feel sad about it is a good thing: it is the first step towards changing your ways and becoming the best person you can be. Your past mistakes aren’t a sign of failure: they can be seen as an opportunity for you to get better, and become a positive influence for the people you love and for the whole community. A good example? Many people who have struggled with alcoholism, drug abuse, and other issues tend to get more involved with social causes because giving back to others make them feel happy. People who have had the opportunity to turn their own lives around are well-aware that hope is not fluff, but a real possibility. This is why they can be so committed to helping others experience the same positive change that helped them become happy and productive. This is one of the reasons why many amazing success stories come from struggles and rough beginnings.


In short, to be really happy, you need to accept your wrongs and embrace who you really are. This way, you will finally be able to give yourself the happiness you deserve and love others around you, contributing to a better world.


You are never really trapped, even if you can’t see a way out.


As mentioned earlier, many people might not manage to be happy because they aren’t satisfied with their situation. They might feel stuck in a bad job they don’t like or feel like being prisoners of a very unhealthy relationship. When people experience such situations, they often fall victim of depression and anxiety.

Source:  Flickr

Source: Flickr

These mental states are like a black hole, which seems to be able to suck all of your productive energy. When everything fades to black in your mind, it is easy to ignore the facts: most problems in life are absolutely fixable with the right attitude!


Are you not happy with your relationship? Cut it off. There’s plenty of fish in the sea. Do you hate your job? Your life could be filled with plenty of opportunities if you are determined to pursue something better. 


The best way to become happy and start loving yourself is to…kick yourself out of a dark time! Realize that most problems are really not as bad as they might originally seem, and if you take control of your own life, you are going to be happier and finally have the opportunity to live the life you want to live.


Nonetheless, change is not easy. Breaking off from a poisonous relationship can be very scary because most people are afraid of being alone. They are haunted by questions such as “What if I am never going to find someone else?”. In much the same way, people are afraid to pursue other opportunities in life, because they might believe finding another job, or a different path might be extremely difficult.


This negative mindset won’t get you anywhere. In order to love yourself, you need to be proactive.


Happiness is not something that life will hand you on a silver plate. Even with all the money in the world and the best partner in your life, happiness is not a given: you need to allow it to reach deep within your heart, mind, and soul, and finally start to shape your life as a truly positive influence.


Happiness breeds positive change.

Source:  Flickr

Source: Flickr

Being happy and loving yourself is also the next first step towards a better community, and ultimately, a better world. Loving yourself might sound like a very individualistic thing, but as explained earlier, you can’t really love others without starting from yourself first. If you embrace a positive attitude towards your own life, you will certainly be able to influence others to do the same.


You don’t need grandiose gestures to change the world. Even a little day-to-day act of kindness has the power to inspire, motivate, change and…love!


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