Action Hunger

Action Hunger: A Welcome Step in the Fight Against Homelessness

Homelessness is a pervasive problem that effects everyone, and happens in every single country. Millions of people are forced to sleep out on the streets, where they endure treatment that should never be allowed with our fellow human beings. Spikes are put up to discourage them from finding places to sleep, and everywhere the homeless go, they are asked to go “away.” The unfortunate truth is, there is no away.

Dozens of charities have been created to help those who are homeless. They offer food, shelter, resources, and help in truly resolving the issue by preparing the homeless to find permanent shelter. While these amazing charities are doing a great job of assisting homeless, they can only go so far. Action Hunger's goal is to help fill in the gaps that even the best charity can leave out, by offering the homeless free vending machines with the items they most desperately need.

While it may not seem like much to a person with a roof over their head, free sanitary supplies, socks, fresh fruit, and other indispensable items can make a big difference to those going without. As an added benefit, items from these vending machines can only be gained with a key card, both insuring that the items go to the people they are intended for, and also that those who need it are checking in with the services meant to help them. 

Most of the fresh food items in the vending machine are foods that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill, effectively combating both the hunger of the homeless and food waste at the same time.

Source:  Action Hunger

Action Hunger strives to provide comfort and help to England's most vulnerable people, while at the same time complimenting other charities. The vending machine is designed to allow only 3 items to be taken per day, insuring that those who use them are not completely dependent on them. Since working with professionals and checking in regularly is considered the key to breaking the cycle of homelessness, making these vending machines dependent on seeing those professionals may help get them off the streets.

Homelessness has become more and more pervasive over the years. Funding for affordable housing has been cut, and the prices of rent and mortgages have skyrocketed, making rough sleeping the only option for many people. On top of that, the reaction of many cities isn't to provide help for those who need it, but to make homelessness a crime. This has resulted in desperate people with no where to go, and no other option but to keep walking. 

Action Hunger is an amazing charity that gives care and attention to the people who need it most. The homeless are often cast out by society, and are too often turned away rather than giving them the help they need. Thanks to Action Hunger and the many charities working hand in hand with them, there is hope that the cycle can be broken. 

Image Source: Action Hunger