Acts of Kindness: Individual and Institutional

As they say, an act of kindness can truly go a long way. If you are looking for inspiration and to learn more about how people are actively trying to make the world a better place by being more kind and positive, you can always browse through the web to learn more about how people across the world have made headlines…by making a difference!

A good example? A young teenager named Salvador Gomez Colon recently became very sad when he learned about the troublesome living conditions of people who have been hit by the natural disaster that affected Puerto Rico. For this reason, he decided to take action. Salvador decided to start a fundraising campaign on the web, and managed to raise a lot of money, enough to buy over 1400 solar-powered lamps for the people of Puerto Rico, who are still struggling to cope with power shortages.

It’s not only about people: governments and administrations can be kinder too! For example, the city of Los Angeles, in California (USA) recently announced that people will be able to donate some money to the homeless in the local community. This kind and uplifting gesture is one of the many things LA is doing trying to help people without a home or a job, and improve their quality of life.

These are only some of the many positive and uplifting gestures that people do every day across the world. Thankfully, positive thinking transcends religious beliefs, political credos, ethnicities and social status…everyone can be kinder, no matter who they are or where they come from! 

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In Kind Spotlight: The Empowerment Plan

The Empowerment Plan is a nonprofit that is located in Detroit, Michigan. The organization was founded by Veronika Scott when she was in a class studying product design, where the class was focused on finding actual needs. Already having noticed a population with needs, the homeless of Detroit, she was inspired to design a coat to help serve that community. It functions as a waterproof coat, sleeping bag, and over the shoulder bag.

Her organization is located in Detroit, manufactures its product in Detroit, and hires employees from the homeless shelters of Detroit. The organization accepts donations, makes the coats, and then distributes them to the homeless.

The Empowerment Plan is an organization that we'd like to shine a light on for the important work that they do to help an underserved population- the homeless.


Study: Positivity Makes Your Kids Smarter

A recent study from Stanford University suggests that positivity, when it relates to parenting, can lead to greater academic achievement and learning amongst your children. 

To quote from the study:

"Using a large behavioral sample of 240 children, we found that positive attitude toward math uniquely predicted math achievement, even after we accounted for multiple other cognitive-affective factors."

"we found that positive attitude was associated with increased engagement of the hippocampal learning-memory system."

Source: Beau Maes

Source: Beau Maes

This means that styles of parenting that focus on positivity - like rewarding good behavior vs. punishing bad behavior - can potentially give your child an early advantage in learning.

The study also suggests that there is a greater indicator for ability in math, and since math comprehension is an in demand skill in today and the future's job market, you can better prepare your child for the future just by incorporating positivity into your parenting style.

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Watch: Positivity and the Power of Choice

In this TEDx speech on the power of positivity, Samantha Rea breaks down how you can incorporate positive thinking into your daily life.

She begins be acknowledging that there are problems in the world, that it would be impossible to ignore them, and that it is unreasonable to think that simple positivity can solve every problem. Her argument, however, is that positive thinking can be an essential stepping stone to real world action, and lays the groundwork for people to begin to tackle problems.

By keeping a belief that things can and will get better when things seem hopeless, you immediately help yourself to start changing things. When you look for positive things, and choose to have a good day (as described in the video), you begin to focus on the good things in life and not the negatives- which leads to an increased quality of life.


Living a Positive Life: What are the Health Benefits?

Being kind, polite and positive are often some of the most sought-after qualities for anyone. However, living an uplifting light with a radiant attitude is not solely a way to make people like you. A positive outlook on life could indeed enhance your health and help you live longer and better. Can positivity really improve your health? Read on to find out more.


Improve your physical health.


Being kind and positive often means that you are less prone to getting stressed. As you might know, stress could lower the quality of your life in many ways, causing a variety of physical and mental illnesses. Studies have linked stress to depression and anxiety, as well as to heart disease and high blood pressure. A happier life can help you prevent such problems.

Source:  Evan Blaser

Source: Evan Blaser

Improve your mental health.


Being kind and positive often means to be psychologically grounded. In other words, by living life with a positive attitude, you might be able to fight depression, stress, anxiety and other issues that might affect your emotional and mental health. 


In conclusion:


Living life with a kind and positive attitude can certainly help you with a wide variety of perks and benefits!


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