Study: Positivity Makes Your Kids Smarter

A recent study from Stanford University suggests that positivity, when it relates to parenting, can lead to greater academic achievement and learning amongst your children. 

To quote from the study:

"Using a large behavioral sample of 240 children, we found that positive attitude toward math uniquely predicted math achievement, even after we accounted for multiple other cognitive-affective factors."

"we found that positive attitude was associated with increased engagement of the hippocampal learning-memory system."

Source: Beau Maes

Source: Beau Maes

This means that styles of parenting that focus on positivity - like rewarding good behavior vs. punishing bad behavior - can potentially give your child an early advantage in learning.

The study also suggests that there is a greater indicator for ability in math, and since math comprehension is an in demand skill in today and the future's job market, you can better prepare your child for the future just by incorporating positivity into your parenting style.

Image source: Flickr