Welcome to In Kind Wellness

We're happy to announce that we will start uploading a series of meditation and yoga tutorial videos under the name, In Kind Wellness! Guided inspiration can be streamed on our Facebook Watch and YouTube pages.

This introduction tutorial will walk you through a guided meditation that is an easy way to begin a daily meditation practice. You will be guided through the creation of your space, choosing a mantra, and implementing a set of starter motions.

Introduction to a Guided Meditation

Developed by Amanda Raquel Martinez

00:00 — Introduction

00:22 — Setting Up Your Space

01:29 — Choose aMantra

04:23 — Gyan Mudra

06:39 — Breathing Meditation

13:03 — Conclusion

Watch: Day One Beginner's Guide to a Yoga Exercise

Have you been wanting to try yoga, but don't have a yoga studio nearby, don't wan't to go as a complete novice, or can't fit going to a group meeting into your busy schedule? Luckily Yoga with Adriene over at YouTube has made the perfect video to get you started!

In this half-hour walk through, Adriene teaches you step-by-step how to get into a yoga routine. She starts by showing you how to center yourself, then expands into a full exercise that is approachable- but will also get you to be more familiar with the basics of yoga, so that when you do go to a class, you'll fit right in!

The benefits of yoga are well documented and range from increased brain function & reduced stress, to stronger bones & lower risk of heart disease. It is also a low impact, low intensity exercise which means that you don't have to adopt the regiment of a body builder to start experiencing the benefits of it!

If you're a beginner and want to try yoga, this is a perfect video to start with, because you'll be introduced to the basics and you can build from there!