In Appreciation Of

Guest on Our Podcast "In Appreciation Of"

Our publication is looking for remote call-in guests for our podcast, "In Appreciation Of," a podcast where two guests discuss their favorite things and people related to pop culture, life, etc.

To apply, fill out the form below of a few things that you might want to talk with someone about (favorite tv shows, bands, foods, artists, historical figures, places, anything that you could talk from 20-60 minutes about), along with your basic contact info. 

We'll try and match you with someone who sent us something that is on your list, or if you have someone that you'd like to talk with, send their contact info along with yours as a joint application. 

When we find matches of topics, we'll reach out to schedule a time to record. On the day of, we'll record remotely and all you need is a pair of headphones with a microphone, or something similar.

Final episodes will be published on Apple Podcasts in addition to being published and promoted on social platforms (linking back to your web presence).

If you have any questions feel free to send an email to or you can find us @inkindlife on social media.

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