Per Month:

  • 5 Blog Posts a Month

  • 25 Social Media Posts a Month

    • Instagram, Twitter, Medium, and Facebook

  • Interview on Podcast

  • Inclusion in Newsletter

  • Featured on Homepage

Our second package, Plus, offers 5 blog posts, 25 social media posts, an interview on our podcast, inclusion in our newsletter, and your content will be featured on our homepage. With this package you have the option to go deeper. We will post weekly about your organization and with our podcast you will have the ability to talk at length about your organization in an interview. You will also be posted about regularly on our socials, all being tagged back to your organization, and all of this will come with featured listings on our website’s homepage. You will also be featured in our newsletter more prominently than Standard.

Add To Cart

The five blog posts written about your organization will appear on In Kind’s homepage and blog. Those blog posts will then be promoted to our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts which can be found @inkindlife- we will also tag your organization’s socials. We will also publish the posts on our Medium account, which can be found @inkind. The podcast episode featuring your interview will be published on Apple Podcasts and will also be promoted on our social accounts. Our newsletter is sent out weekly to those who subscribe through our website. Your content will also be featured prominently on our homepage.

If you have any questions about the Plus service, feel free to send us an email at and we will get in touch as soon as we can!