Introducing In Kind Wellness Magazine

In Kind Wellness Magazine is a literary arts magazine that expands on ideas and themes of wellness, including mental, physical, and community health— while also exploring the link between the expression of creativity and the maintenance of one’s own personal wellness.


The magazine has an irregular publishing schedule and will accept applications for contribution on a rolling basis, with the first issue’s release date to be announced soon. The magazines will be a blend of articles either published on In Kind, commissioned or contributed pieces of literature and reporting, in-depth profiles of artists that use creativity as a means to achieve wellness, art features, an advice column, recipes, exercises, and more to help inspire personal wellness into your daily life.

If you would like to contribute, or if you are an artist that would like to be profiled for In Kind Wellness Magazine,!

Introduction to Office Yoga

In this tutorial you will be walked through a few simple yoga exercises that can be done at the office, or incorporated into your workday!

00:00 - Introduction
00:20 - Chair Yoga
00:37 - Chair Stretching
00:57 - Chair Breathing
04:17 - Sitting Breath
06:00 - Sitting Stretch
11:42 - Cactus Arms
12:42 - Conclusion

Lesson developed and instructed by Amanda Raquel Martinez.

Introduction to Breathwork Pranayama

In this introduction to Breathwork Pranayama you will learn to incorporate both Ujjayi Breath, Kapalabhati Breathing, and Breath Retention into a breathing routine that is ideal after an Asana Practice.

00:00 — Introduction
00:22 — Pranayama
00:27 — Asana Practice
01:18 — Ujjayi Breath
01:26 — Tapas
02:36 — Kapalabhati Breathing
05:04 — Breath Retention
10:27 — Conclusion

Lesson developed and instructed by Amanda Raquel Martinez.

Introduction to a Guided Breathing Meditation

This introduction tutorial will walk you through a guided breathing meditation that is an easy way to begin a daily meditation practice. You will be guided through the creation of your space, choosing a mantra, and implementing a set of starter motions.

00:00 — Introduction

00:22 — Setting Up Your Space

01:29 — Choose aMantra

04:23 — Gyan Mudra

06:39 — Breathing Meditation

13:03 — Conclusion

Lesson developed and instructed by Amanda Raquel Martinez.