Introduction to Breathwork Pranayama

In this introduction to Breathwork Pranayama you will learn to incorporate both Ujjayi Breath, Kapalabhati Breathing, and Breath Retention into a breathing routine that is ideal after an Asana Practice.

00:00 — Introduction
00:22 — Pranayama
00:27 — Asana Practice
01:18 — Ujjayi Breath
01:26 — Tapas
02:36 — Kapalabhati Breathing
05:04 — Breath Retention
10:27 — Conclusion

Lesson developed and instructed by Amanda Raquel Martinez.

Introduction to a Guided Breathing Meditation

This introduction tutorial will walk you through a guided breathing meditation that is an easy way to begin a daily meditation practice. You will be guided through the creation of your space, choosing a mantra, and implementing a set of starter motions.

00:00 — Introduction

00:22 — Setting Up Your Space

01:29 — Choose aMantra

04:23 — Gyan Mudra

06:39 — Breathing Meditation

13:03 — Conclusion

Lesson developed and instructed by Amanda Raquel Martinez.